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 By Adam Havrilla AIFD, PFCI, ICPF & Corey Harbour AIFD, PFCI, NAFD

As 2020 progresses, the need to find sanctuary and well-being in our everyday activities is paramount and flowers fill the need! Circumstances have changed the way we live, communicate, work and celebrate. It has also changed simply being with those we love. The one constant since the start of the pandemic is the power of floral. Floral and foliage have played a huge role in our lives and it is never so important as it is today.

Home and family have become our everything. The time spent in our homes has increased since the start of the pandemic and people have increased giving themselves the gift of floral this year. Floral can change the darkest of times to bright and hopeful thoughts of the future. We can watch the flowers bloom in the design and stop to take in the scents of hope for the future. Nothing can beat glancing into a room and seeing a beautiful floral arrangement blooming.


Leslie Home FLowers Norcross 2020 FTF 3 resize Leslie Quote Value of Flowers resize

Bring Nature Home with Flowers FTF resize

 Kalanchoe FTF resize


Smaller family gatherings have replaced other social events and entertainment activities. This new focus on family and close friends creates more intimate settings where friendships are celebrated. These gatherings are a statement of our closeness and lend themselves to expressions of gratitude and love, where flowers and floral gifting come to the forefront.

 Bowl of nature FTF resize  Family Feeling FTF resize


Going to the office and gathering around the water cooler has become a distant memory for many. Now our homes play a second role as an office. People have become creative when designing their new “workspace”. If you have to work at home, away from social interaction, then why not have a few flower stems placed beside your computer screen to remind you there is life and beauty all around you. And remember to have a beautiful bouquet of flowers behind you for your next zoom meeting!

Home Office Flowers 2020 FTF resize

Micro weddings will continue to be an occasion to celebrate with floral design well into 2021. This is the time to shine as a floral industry to showcase the need for floral décor to enhance every occasion. Floral design will turn the backyard into an amazing setting for the couple to say yes to their forever love. Take the opportunity to suggest adding floral design to many locations in the home. The couple will appreciate turning their home into the wedding venue they will always cherish.


Micro Wedding 1 resize  Micro Wedding 2 resize 

 Micro Wedding 3 resize

The isolation of this pandemic has us craving human connection. Our need to love and express our love is never ending. Leaving a floral gift on a friend or family members’ doorstep has the ability to increase their emotional state. Floral gifts can say “I love you”, “I am there for you”, “just because you are special to me” and “I miss you” every time the recipient sees and smells the lovely floral display. Nothing beats the gift of flowers to provide a virtual hug to those you love. Point-of-sale reminders of how flowers convey emotions can be powerful reminders to express your feelings to those you love. 

 Leslie Home Flowers Norcross FTF 2 resize

As we have seen with past holidays floral gifts will play a huge role in upcoming holidays. The gift of giving is truly what 2020 is about. Prepare yourselves to have amazing floral gift items for your customers at every price point.

Vased Joy FTF resize

Utilizing trend color stories in your floral design, store displays and advertising will set you apart from your competitors. The color story for autumn is heart-warming and visually inviting. The rich tones of pink, peach, orange, red, and blue will provide the perfect ambiance for your client’s floral displays.

FTF Fall 2020 Color Palette resize Pantone Colors

As the winter holiday season approaches, we will be embraced with a vibrant and celebratory color story. The story starts with an “icy” color being accented with rich hues of pink, red and blue. Nothing says winter celebrations as much as this color story. It is simply glorious.

FTF WInter 2020 Color Palette resize Pantone Colors


“Flowers just make you happy. No denying that!”


Flower Trends Forecast designers Adam Havrilla AIFD, PFCI, ICPF  and Corey Harbour AIFD, PFCI, NAFD collaborated to provide the information for this article.  Adam is an accomplished floral designer and educator and owns and operates Artistic Blooms Chicago.  Corey has years of floral design and floral product development experience that provides him keen insight into trend product development, Corey is Director of Design for Lucky Star Group.  See more flower trends at  Flower Trends Forecast is published by International Floral Distributors, Inc.


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