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Tom Figueroa from Nordlie Inc. incoming presidents speech

Tom Figueroa
Thursday, October 24, 2013

Good morning and I am so happy to see so many of you here at the 2013 WFFSA conference; it's great to have such a large turnout for this premier networking conference in the floral industry. Historically, the WFFSA Conference has been the place where Wholesalers and Suppliers can meet and further their business relationships, as well as start new ones. In addition, we have beautiful displays in the Table Top exhibits and a great educational line up.

Before I begin my remarks this morning, I want to take this moment to thank my predecessor, Pat Dahlson, who has done a tremendous job running WF&FSA this past year. His contributions over the past few years have been countless and his concern for and belief in WF&FSA has been a driving force for us.

His good heart and passion for our industry led us in the right direction and he has set a great example for me as I take over the role of President. Pat, great job and thank you!

Early this spring, the WF&FSA Board met for a strategic planning session. We are now moving forward with implementing this plan. We will focus in four key areas:

1. We want to expand WF&FSA's Marketing & Communications Initiatives in order to strengthen the role and success of floral wholesaler-distributors and their retailers.

2. We want to produce useful best practices, benchmarking and Data Resources for all members. Our industry could really use some helpful data and we will spend some time mapping out what WF&FSA can develop for our industry.

3. We want to continue to create and expand focused educational resources, both at our annual conference, at our management institute and through other resources.

4. And we agree it is critical that we engage and support the younger members and new entrants to the floral industry. As we look around this room, we know it is very important that we begin to prepare the next generation to take our place.

In order to help us focus, we have restructured our committees with a greater emphasis on task forces that will work with specific objectives and timeframes to accomplish their tasks. Our Education and Marketing Committees will continue their efforts while other activities and projects will be assigned to a variety of task forces, including Best Practices, Emerging Leaders, Industry Collaboration and more.

I invite you to get involved with WF&FSA in our new structure. Maybe you can't devote your time to a three year term on a committee but you can volunteer your services for a specific activity that may take less than a year. I will soon send an invitation to all members encouraging your participation. If you think you can give your time and talents to make WF&FSA a stronger organization and our industry a stronger one, then join us as we shape the future.

I thank you and look forward to working with you over the next year!

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